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C.Owen Designs is a bespoke furniture company providing custom furniture designed and built by Carwyn Owen to your specifications. C.Owen Designs is run solely by Carwyn who is involved in all elements of the business from all things admin to designing and creating your beautiful bespoke furniture. Carwyn works in a range of materials including wood, metal and plastic. Carwyn developed a love of making at a young age with the encouragement of his Taid (Grandad) and went on to study Furniture Design at Sheffield Hallam University. 

"I am focused on making long lasting furniture. One of the main aims for the furniture I build is to outlast the age of the tree that it was sourced from. I achieves this by utilising high quality materials, creative design and exceptional craftsmanship."

C.Owen designs is based in the heart of Mid-Wales on Carwyn's family farm. Carwyn expanded the business in 2021 and build a second workshop outside Cardigan, Pembrokeshire. 


"I am proud to say that C.Owen designs furniture is not only inspired by the landscape of Mid-Wales, but is built from the very trees it takes it's inspiration from.


I source timber from the farm wherever possible; this not only ensures healthy tree harvesting but is also an extremely eco-friendly way of sourcing timber. All of the wood off-cuts are either used to create new and exciting pieces or burnt for heat in the workshop, with all the sawdust being used as farm animal bedding. Every part of every process is sustainable as possible and never takes more from the land than is required."

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