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National Eisteddfod 2015

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

This is my proudest piece to date, not least because I was the the youngest person ever (20 years old) to make the National Eisteddfod Chair.

The Chair was commissioned by the Montgomery branch of the Farmers Union of Wales. It was made from seasoned oak sourced from my home farm, green oak from a relative's farm for the steam bent components and ash from my grandparent's farm. The Eisteddfod logo is located in two places, in the slatted seat, held together by brass rods, and inlayed into the top centre piece in brass. The writing is hand carved and filled with dyed resin. Brass rods finish the Chair tying the different elements together and adding detail.

The inspiration for this chair came come from the natural lines of the hills and valleys of Mid-Wales. The steam bending process enabled me to imitate the forms, as does the stunning natural grain formations representing the detail of the valleys.

I was delighted to receive this commission and appreciate the opportunity and the faith and trust shown in me as such a young designer on a nationally important piece.

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