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Commissioning process

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Commissioning furniture may not be commonly done, so it may seem a daunting or intimidating process, however fear not, I am here to help.

C.Owen Designs takes pride in designing and making beautiful, long-lasting furniture that is exactly to your requirements; that is the main advantage of bespoke work. At any time in the design process I encourage you to say what you think, because I understand that furniture is a personal item and my main aim is to make you happy and deliver a piece of furniture that you love.

The Brief. The commissioning process will most likely start with a briefing, we will discuss what you want, either by email or by a visit from myself to your home/company. I will ask for some examples of things you have in mind or maybe just some ideas you have of what you would like (if you're a fan of pinterest or instagram seeing your inspiration goes a long way in supporting the design conversation, although not essential).

The Design. Next will be the designing process, where I take all the notes and ideas that you gave me and formulate some designs, I will subsequently send them back to you for your opinions. This may happen a few times, I won't start building until we are in agreement regarding what you want. I appreciate that this piece will be special to you and once we are in agreement I will supply a price and request a deposit.

The Making. Now I will start the making process. How long it will take will depend on the current schedule and complexity of the design, you are welcome to come visit at any point to view progress or to discuss details.

The Delivery. Once the piece is finished we will discuss a time to deliver it to you and arrange the final payment.

For ideas of commissions I have previously completed, please see my commissions page.

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