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Eisteddfod Powys 2013

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

This was a commission I received from my regional Eisteddfod (Powys),

The brief involved designing and producing a chair to celebrate the winner of the poetry competition with the victorious bard being given the chair as their prize.

The Chair is fabricated mainly of oak, a massive 20” wide 7’ tall board fills the back, with two walnut boards alongside. The seat is also one board, originally 2” thick, with both the seat and the back having to be flattened by hand plane. The two are joined by a hidden dado and bolts with threaded inserts, an impeccably strong joint. The arm/leg consists of two separate parts of steam bent oak laminated together, with stainless steel cables adding another dimension and detail. These are crimped at either end inside the lamination. The writing is 2013 in roman numerals and is a router based inlay.

What is the Eisteddfod?

A festival which lasts for 8 full days at the beginning of August. The location changes every year, alternating between north and south Wales .

Eistedd is the Welsh word for "sitting". Traditionally, the focal point of the whole week is the award ceremony in which The Chair is gifted to the winning poet.

A cultural festival, held through the medium of Welsh, which provides a national stage for music, dance, the visual arts, original performances, family activities and all kinds of competitions, in a welcoming, fun and unique environment. To find out more follow:

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