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The best under-eaves bedroom storage?

This was a really fun one for me, an opportunity to let my inner 'geek' shine, both in the design sense, and the choice of wood.

I was approached to build a wardrobe space under the eaves of a attic bedroom. A project where the clients daughter had a clear idea of the end goal but was not certain how to get there.

After a few meetings with the family, we came to this conclusion; the appearance of a wall of individual oak panels with no clear view of their function. Each panel was to be fitted with push-to-open mechanisms. With a simple push, a door or drawer would be revealed showing that these panels are in sections depending on their purpose.

There are 4 drawers in total, each drawer getting progressively bigger as the space under the eaves gets larger, 2 full height doors, and a top door revealing a dressing station. The left side has additional storage, a set of adjustable hight shelves for shoes or clothing, and a clothes rail for hangers.

If you look carefully, you will see the continuous grain running through the boards. the doors and draw fronts were cut from a single board of oak. This was me really geeking out, I love the small details like this in my furniture. All of the oak for this project came from a single section of an oak tree milled from my grandfather's farm, this ensures a great colour match between all of the oak in the piece.

For the full process (and watch me huff and puff this up 3 floors post knee op) check out the highlight reel on my instagram under 'Attic wardrobe'.

Price Material cost: £830 Design and install: £1700

Total: £2530

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