A Captain's Chair is defined by the saddle seat and a low curved back with vertical spindles.


These Captain's Chairs are handed crafted with skills passed down from generation to generation. Each is unique as they are hand formed with traditional techniques, such as steam bending and wood turning, which allows the wood to be gently manipulated into position. 

All of the jonery is drilled in place to allow for these subtle variations rather than being batch produced at a machine. 
This process, although time consuming, ensures a throughly sustainable way of working.


The very nature of steam bending requires a sympathetic, hands on approach. For the best outcome, the grain needs to be going through the piece so cannot be simply sawn through. For both strength and reliabilty of process, the log must be hand split with the grain, using a froe (which is where the term 'to and fro' comes from!)


Custom chairs can be made to your requirement. Please email carwynowen17@gmail.com for futher enquires.

Captain's Chair