This is a special addition spoon, unique to C.Owen Designs which is designed to flow from one end to another representing love that is never ending. It is carved from Oak that had sat in a lead mine for over 100 years. The minerals in that mine, as well as the age of the Oak, give it its dark colour with a tint of purple.


Welsh love spoons are a tradition in Wales where a man would gift a hand-crafted spoon to show his affection to a loved one. Examples of these love spoons have dated back as far as the 17th Century. 


Traditionally, each feature of the spoon signifies a different feeling from the giver. Commonly included symbiols are: A heart that signfies love, or a twisted stem that denotes every lasting love or 'entwined together forever'. 


Today, these spoons are a special gift, perfect for giving to that special person in your life.