Tilt is a modern and discreet method of hanging items of clothing, towels and various other items.

Made from a range of hardwood, no two are alike making each one unique. By using the off cuts from larger pieces 'Tilt' offers a fun and sustainable way to add more storage to your home. I like to vary the wood in each piece, however, if you're after a specific or uniformed aethestic I can accodate your needs. 

Tilt works by appearing to be a piece of wall art that hangs on the wall, and by pushing the pegs out becomes a stylistic and robust hook.

Available in a standard size it can make a beautiful statement in any home. However, I can cutomise to your requirements and fit your exact needs.


I love this product so much I have them in multiple rooms in my home. An absoulte must buy in my opinion.  

Standard - ​5 hook
Height: 150 mm
Width: 285 mm
Depth: 16 mm

Tilt Coathook